Natural History of Sligo and Leitrim


An environmental appraisal of two Irish counties

compiled by Don Cotton

Sligo and Leitrim are in north-west Ireland at the very fringe of Europe.  This is the gateway to what is becoming a comprehensive publication containing information about all aspects of the natural environment of these counties.  The outline contents indicate the sections that will be written and illustrated over the next few years.  For those interested in counties Sligo and Leitrim it will be worth keeping an eye on this site as additional information is being added on a regular basis.

To begin with the Environmental Setting provides background information on Geology, Geomorphology, Climate and some of the Naturalists who have contributed to our knowledge of this geographical region.

The second section describes the diverse range of Habitats found in these counties: the Uplands, Lowlands, Rivers and Lakes, Estuaries and Marine environments all being described. 

Finally there are some pages that describe and illustrate the local flora and fauna.

Updated  16 December 2015