IT Sligo Hurling and Camogie Fixtures and Results 1999/2000

The following pages contain the forthcoming fixtures and results for the IT Sligo Senior Hurling team and Freshers Hurling team. It is also envisaged that an Intermediate will enter the Division 1B HE Hurling league or a Connacht League to meet GMIT and NUI Galway - fixtures later.

I intend to keep a record of all Division 2 hurling fixtures and results. The other colleges can email me with results and other relevant information at

 DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for the validity of results posted below which are largely based on unconfirmed reports from clubs. Confirmed results can be obtained from the CAO and are based on official referee and club reports - Brian McCann


Analogue Devices Higher Education Leagues

Senior Hurling Division 2 Fixtures/Results

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Intermediate Hurling Fixtures/Results -postponed until New Year

Freshers Hurling Division 2A Fixtures/Results -team withdrawn from league

Senior hurling Challenges


Fitzgibbon and Ryan Cup

Ryan Cup (HE B Championship)



  HE League Division 2 North Fixtures/Results

  Fr. Meachair Shield






Senior Hurling League Fixtures and Results

Analogue Devices Higher Education League Division 2 North

St. Patrick's Training College, Drumcondra have been regraded from Division 1 to Division 2

Note: Teams named first are at home and all games throw in at 2.30

Update 10th December 1999 - apparently there is a Division 2 South which was formed late in the season, containing colleges such as Tallaght IT, UCC (3), and St. John's College, Cork.

Round 1

Wed. 13 October 1999

IT Sligo 2-18 Dundalk IT 1-4

UUC 3-7 GMIT Castlebar 3-13

Letterkenny IT v St Patrick's TC (postponed)


Round 2

Sat. 30 October 1999

Letterkenny IT 0-1 UUC 7-18 (played Wed. 27/10/1999)

GMIT Castlebar w/o. Dundalk IT d.n.f

St. Patrick's TC 4-8 IT Sligo 1-12 (played Thurs. 28/10/1999)


Round 3

Sat. 13 November 1999

IT Sligo 3-16 Letterkenny IT 2-3 (played Wed. at 2pm at Grange 10/11/99)

Dundalk IT 0-9 UUC 2-6

GMIT Castlebar 1-15 St. Patrick's TC 0-9 (played Thurs. 11/11/99)


Round 4

Wed. 17 November 1999

Letterkenny IT beat Dundalk IT by 2 points

IT Sligo 1-8 GMIT Castlebar 1-2 (played in Tobercurry)

St. Patrick's TC beat UUC (postponed- played Wed. 8th Dec 1999)


Round 5

Sat. 27 November 1999

UUC 3-5 IT Sligo 2-13 (played Thurs. 25/11/99 in Coleraine)

GMIT Castlebar 4-13 Letterkenny IT 0-4 (played Fri. 26/11/99)

Dundalk IT 1-7 St. Patrick's TC 0-16 (played Wednesday 1/12/1999)

 DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for the validity of results posted here, which are largely based on unconfirmed reports from clubs. Confirmed results can be obtained from the CAO and are based on official referee and club reports - Brian McCann.


Current HE SHL Div. 2 (North) Standings (10/12/99 - not all results confirmed)











GMIT Castlebar #





9-43 (70)

 4-28 (40)



IT Sligo





9-67 (94)

11-22 (55)



St. Pat's TC*





4-33 (45)*

3-34 (43)*









 5-36 (51)*



Letterkenny IT





 2-8 (14)*




Dundalk IT#





2-20 (26)*

4-40 (56)*




* For and away totals and score average do not include game between LKIT and DKIT, and UUC and St. Pat's as scores not available.

# GMIT Castlebar received walk over from DKIT (only 4 matches played)


League Semi-finals (first named at home) Revised !

(Play-off result - UCC (3) beat Tallaght IT)

(Top 2 in Division 2 North versus Top 2 in Division 2 South)

Saturday 29th January 2000


A: GMIT Castlebar  beat St. John's College, Cork (refixed for 8/2/00)


B: UCC(3) 1-11 IT Sligo 1-3

(played Friday 11 Feb 2000 at the Mardyke, Cork)


Tues. 22 February 2000 

League Final (Limerick)

 GMIT Castlebar 4-4 UCC(3) 2-9




Senior Hurling Challenges

Tues. 25th January 2000

GMIT 4-11 IT Sligo 1-9(at Galway IT)


Ryan Cup (All Ireland HE B Championship)

Preliminary Round Sat. 29 January 2000


(1) Cork College of Commerce (SCR) v IT Sligo (w.o. to IT Sligo)

(2) Tallaght IT beat Dundalk IT (played Thursday 27/1/00)

(3) Tipperary Rural Business Development Institute (TRBDI) 0-4 St John's College, Cork 2-10



1st Round Wed. 2nd February 2000


A. UUC 4-8 GMIT Castlebar 1-7

B. St. Pat's College, Drumcondra 6-11 NCI (Dublin) 1-4

C. Letterkenny IT 0-9 (3) St John's College 1-17

D. (2)Tallaght IT 1-4 (1) IT Sligo 8-6 (played at Belfield, 8/2/2000)


Semi-finals 4th March 2000 - Waterford IT hosts


 St. John's, Cork College of FE 3-13  St. Pat's College of Education  0-7

at 11.00 Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny


 UUC 0-3  IT Sligo  4-12

at 11.00 St Saviour's ground, Waterford


Final 5th March 2000 - Carrigeen, Co. Kilkenny

Cork College of FE 1-15   IT Sligo 1-5


Congratulations to CCFE winning the Ryan Cup at the first attempt!







Camogie Fixtures and Results

This year the camogie team competes in Section A of Division 2 North, which includes Dundalk IT, UUC and GMIT Castlebar. Home teams are named first.

Wed. 20th October 1999

IT Sligo V GMIT Castlebar (Postponed)


Wed. 27th October 1999

IT Sligo v UUC (UUC withdrawn from league)


Wed. 3rd November 1999

Dundalk IT 0-1 IT Sligo 6-6


Tues. 7th December 1999

IT Sligo v Dundalk IT w.o


Division 2 League Quarter-final

Wed. 1st March 2000 in Maynooth

NUI Maynooth  4-14      IT Sligo 3-1


Fr. Meachair  Shield 2000, Garda Training College, Templemore

1 April 2000

This competition is a one day 9 a side blitz open for players who did not play on Purcel or Ashbourne  Cup teams this year.

This year IT Sligo have entered for the first time along with 13 other HE teams.

The competition begins at 9.30 am with the teams split into 3 leagues of 4 or 5 teams each. Matches last for 20 minutes and up to 12 players can be used throughout each game. Teams play each other once and the top team in each group enter the semi-finals along with the best placed runner-up.

Results, scorers and reports will be posted here!

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